Product Destruction

austin product destruction at dukes junk recycling

Have private, expired, damaged, off-specification, or otherwise unsuitable product that your company needs destroyed? Keep it out of the wrong hands and let our guaranteed secure product destruction services in Austin take care of it for you. Duke’s Junk Recycling includes a Certificate of Destruction!

We guarantee secure destruction of property and will include a certificate of destruction.

Product crushing

Use of hydraulic crusher (40,000lbs of crushing force) to ensure an item can’t be resold or reused.

Product Separation and Recycling

We will breakdown product and separate material that can be recycled in efforts to keep waste out of the landfill.

Eco-Product Crushing

For a complete and economical product destruction and disposal, ask about hybrid dozer crushing process.

Types of products that we can destroy

  • Damaged goods
  • Defective or recalled goods
  • Gift Cards
  • Obsolete inventory
  • Off-specification products
  • Past-dated inventory or beverages
  • Product de-packaging for recycling or destruction
  • Prototypes
  • Uniforms, ball caps and footwear