Duke’s Junk Disposal Service

Junk Disposal Without the Landfill

A clean, safe, convenient alternative to the Austin dump, Duke’s Junk Removal Service in Austin makes recycling and furniture disposal easy and affordable! Skip the lines and the mess of the Austin dump and visit our recycling and disposal Drop-Off Center where you can drop off junk and dump old furniture.

Duke’s Junk Recycling offers a convenient drop-off location in North Austin. Our dedicated teams will help you unload. Or you can call our recycling and disposal Pick-Up Service and our Austin junk removal specialists will come to you and take care of all the heavy lifting and loading. Either way, our friendly service, and simple pricing take the headache out of your trash disposal and waste management.

The Most Convenient, Quick and Clean Recycling Center in Austin

We strive to make trash disposal and junk removal as eco-friendly as possible, and we go the extra mile to recycle the materials that come through our facility. That includes electronics and furniture disposal. We’re also one of three Austin companies to offer old mattress recycling and disposal: every mattress that comes through our facility will be recycled. Unlike the Austin landfill, we carefully sort and recycle junk that comes to our warehouse instead of just burying it. We care about the environment because we live here too!

Duke’s Junk Recycling was founded in Austin for Austin. When you hire us, you’re supporting a small local business. We provide cheap junk removal in Austin and the surrounding communities, so give us a call today. Go Green, Go Local, Go Duke’s!