Drop-Off Centers

Commercial & Residential Junk Drop-Off Centers

Need a place to dump your trash? We take junk, trash, and recyclables! Drop off junk and dump old furniture at both Duke’s Junk Recycling locations. You can drive your car, truck or trailer right up to our warehouses, and our team will help you unload. Skip the waiting and hassle of the landfill. Just call us when you’re on your way, and we’ll be ready!

We now offer two easy-to-find locations. In Central Austin, you can find us on Burnet Road in Allandale. For those closer to North Austin, our second location is just off Metric Boulevard and accessible from Wells Branch Parkway, Howard Lane, and I-35. Both locations offer Duke’s first-rate service and convenience. Just call (512) 520-7495 when you’re on your way, and we’ll be ready to unload your junk!In addition to being clean and convenient, our drop-off centers are more environmentally-friendly ways to dispose of your waste. We carefully sort junk so that we can recycle as much as possible, drastically cutting down the amount of trash that ends up in landfills. On average, 80% of the junk that comes through our facilities gets recycled! We accept trash, junk, household waste, construction debris, mattresses, furniture, appliance recycling, tires, soil, stone, wood, and more. Need to get rid of something and don’t see it on this list? Call us!

18 Wheeler Driver / Semi-Truck Friendly – We have forklifts and pallet jacks to unload cargo van line, 3PL’s (third party logistics) truck, & box trucks. We can quickly unload your driver so they can get to the next job. Save time and money with Duke’s Junk Recycling!

Why Choose Duke’s?

Duke’s Drop-Off Centers
  • Clean! No mud, no smell
  • No line, no waiting
  • Convenient location right off the highway
  • We help unload!
  • We recycle the majority of waste
  • No minimum dump fee
Austin Community Landfill
  • Trash smells and mud
  • Slow lines and service
  • Further out from the city
  • Nails and screws in your tires
  • Trash just gets buried in the ground
  • $120 minimum dump fee