Furniture Removal In Austin

furniture by the side of the road collected for furniture removal in Austin, TX at Duke's Junk Recycling

Home and Office Furniture Removal & Disposal

Need furniture removal in Austin? Need furniture pickup in Austin? That old couch has served you well, but you have a replacement coming, and you have to decide what to do with it. It’s time to call in the furniture disposal experts. We can come to you with a pickup for furniture disposal in Austin using our mobile junk removal service. And the best part is, Duke’s Junk Recycling will break down the furniture and recycle everything possible, so less ends up in the landfill. Whatever furniture you need to get rid of, let Duke’s Junk Recycling make it easy for you! Come on by or give us a call, and instantly free up space!

Fast Accurate Quote Right Over The Phone

Those other guys won’t give you a price over the phone, but we will! Just call us at (512) 520-7495 for a specific estimate. We’ll tell you exactly how much it will cost for couch removal or to get rid of that bed frame, table or old television. Duke’s is a locally owned and operated small business, and when you call, you talk to the owner or a supervisor.

Call us now at (512) 520-7495 for a convenient pick-up!

Convenient and Affordable Furniture Disposal

Take the headache out of furniture disposal with our simple and affordable furniture recycling service. Our clear pricing and professional service makes us not only the right choice, but the easy choice. We take old couches, old beds, old mattresses and even appliances including refrigerators and TVs.

When we come pick it up with our junk removal Austin pick up service, we break it down to its component parts for recycling. That’s a huge amount of waste that what would otherwise fill up our crowded landfills. This is your chance to make a big difference!

Commercial Furniture Recycling

Does your business need to dispose of office furniture? We would love to help you do it responsibly! Duke’s Junk Recycling is equipped to handle commercial furniture disposal at a great rate Our furniture disposal facility can handle big trucks! Please call us at (512) 520-7495 with the type and amount of furniture you need to remove, and we’ll help you make a smooth transition.