Old Mattress Disposal & Removal

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Residential & Commercial Mattress Recycling 

When something is thrown away at a landfill, it is buried underground with lots of other trash. Over time most of this garbage will decompose, but that process can take thousands of years and release harmful chemicals into the environment as an item breaks down. Recycling drastically cuts down the amount of trash going to landfills by turning certain items into new products instead of discarding them. This saves space in landfills, lessens the harmful impacts of waste on the environment, and reduces the amount of new materials and energy needed to make new products. Duke’s Junk Recycling offers junk removal in Austin including old mattress disposal and removal in Austin, Texas, and is proud to recycle every mattress that comes through our facility.

Recycling is especially important for mattresses because mattresses take up a lot of room in landfills. A single Queen size mattress and box spring take up about 65 cubic feet of space. In that same amount of space, you could fit almost 40 kitchen size trash bags. That’s a lot of waste!

Mattresses are also bad for landfills because they often contain materials that will leach harmful chemicals into the ground and water supply near the landfill as they break down. Recycling a mattress turns it into materials that can be reused instead of left to decompose in the ground and potentially contaminate the environment.

By recycling your mattress, you are helping to reduce harmful impacts on the environment and conserving limited resources. Our simple pricing and convenient pick-up service make it easy to recycle your mattress. Give us a call today!

We provide Commercial Mattress Recycling services to a range of clients including

  • Retailers and Mattress Manufacturers
  • Hotels, B & Bs and Hostels, Guest Houses
  • Care Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Furniture Removal Companies
  • Municipalities

So if you have mattresses you need recycling, contact Duke’s Recycling today at (512) 520-7495. We’ll come to you for pick-up and even handle the heavy lifting from your curbside.

Mattress disposal cost a significant amount of time & money at landfills. Start recycling your mattresses with Duke’s and save your money!

With landfill costs rising and roll-off bins also increasing, can you afford not to recycle your old mattresses? not to mention your customers are looking for alternatives to recycling mattresses.

Did you know that there are currently thousands of mattresses going into Austin, TX landfills each year? Each mattress that is thrown away takes up 23 cubic ft of landfill space because they are a very bulky item and are incapable of being compacted.

However, that no longer has to be the case, as mattresses are now capable of being fully recycling by Duke’s Recycling through our innovative mattress recycling practices. Mattresses can be a difficult thing to dispose of given their low weight and bulky nature, so let Duke’s Junk Recycling take the hassle out of mattress recycling for you today.