Austin Bulk Trash Pickup

austin bulk trash pick up showing a pickup truck and trailer hauling junk, trash and recycling to Duke's Junk Recycling

Same Day and Next Day Junk Pickup

Your time is valuable, and you don’t want to waste it dealing with junk! You probably have items the city won’t pick up or recycle. And the bulk trash pickup schedule in Austin can’t always fit your needs. None of that matters with Duke’s Austin trash pickup! Let our experienced Austin bulk trash pick up team take care of all the heavy lifting and transportation. Schedule your Pick Up Service with Duke’s Junk Recycling today.

How Does It Work?

Just call us for an estimate. Our simple pricing and fast service take the headache out of junk removal in Austin! We’ll pick up mattresses, old furniture, tires, household waste, construction waste, garbage, and more! Just leave whatever you need removed outside, and we’ll handle the loading and hauling. Not sure if we’ll accept a pick-up? Call us!

We haul your trash to our Recycling Center, where we carefully sort junk and recycle as much as possible. Austin bulk trash pick up has never been easier! We offer Same Day and Next Day Pick-Up Service to all the greater Austin area. We’ll happily answer any questions when you call us at (512) 520-7495 and schedule your pick up!

Leave It to the Junk Experts – We Take the Junk Others Won’t

Save your back and let us haul your junk away! Don’t let the lack of a truck get in the way of cleaning out your home or business. As an added bonus, we recycle the junk that the city and other recyclers won’t take, including furniture and mattresses. You clear out the junk, and we’ll take care of the bulk trash pick up in Austin!

There’s only so much space, so why clutter it up with junk you don’t need? Stop stressing over what to do with that old desk or bed. We promise to keep your old stuff out of the landfill and put it to good use. Call Duke’s at (512) 520-7495, and we’ll make your old junk disappear!